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    Edible flowers: 10 culinary flowers to grow in the garden

    Edible flowers are flowers that can be safe for human consumption. Eating flowers has become a real culinary trend, however, this practice dates back to antiquity and the Middle Ages where it was often found on the menu.  These edible flowers can be used in a similar way to spices and herbs to add flavor, color, and texture to dishes.…

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  • UncategorizedWall covering plants

    Wall covering plants: Best plants for covering walls and fences

    Wall covering plants: Are you looking for easy and practical ideas to brighten your home’s facade, or decorate your garden walls or fences? This can be possible just by using some climbing plants with colorful and fragrant flowers and various graphical foliage. Find out in this article, the most beautiful and easy ideas for covering a garden wall. Then, the…

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  • FaunaAnimal colors: Most colorful animals in the world

    Animal colors: Most colorful animals in the world

    Animal colors: Nature, and more specifically the animal kingdom, is full of wonderful animals like birds, amphibians, insects and mammals. They constitute a magnificent living spectacle with their amazing colors. In the natural world, animals widely use colors in competition, to attract a mate, and to camouflage against predators.  Talking animal colors, there are animals that are red, animals that…

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  • Floranatural fertilizers

    Natural fertilizers: 10 Best natural homemade organic fertilizers

    Currently, chemical fertilizers are widely present in the market. These products negatively affect the environment and can sometimes be a bit expensive. Preferable to chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizers are natural boosters for all your plants, do not burn the roots, do not contaminate the soil and are made from recycled organic matter. Moreover, by using them, you don’t have to…

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    Turritopsis – The Fascinating Immortal Jellyfish

    Immortal Jellyfish. Are you looking for an Elixir of life? Do you want to be immortal? It is now possible, BUT only if you become a Jellyfish! Actually, jellyfish especially Turritopsis dohrnii and Turritopsis nutricula are the only immortal organisms in the animal kingdom that can live forever. These immortal creatures belong to the Hydrozoa class. They have a particular…

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    Garden screenings: Best privacy plants for your backyard

    Are you looking for garden screenings or privacy in your backyard? There is no need to install a wall because there are several beautiful screening plants you can get to create a plant screen for your garden. In addition to privacy, they may be colorful, attractive and bring a lot of charm. Planting a plant in the garden for this…

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