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  • Edible flowers

    Edible flowers: 10 culinary flowers to grow in the garden

    Edible flowers are flowers that can be safe for human consumption. Eating flowers has become a real culinary trend, however, this practice dates back to antiquity and the Middle Ages where it was often found on the menu.  These edible flowers can be used in a similar way to spices and herbs to add flavor, color, and texture to dishes.…

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  • Animal colors: Most colorful animals in the world

    Animal colors: Most colorful animals in the world

    Animal colors: Nature, and more specifically the animal kingdom, is full of wonderful animals like birds, amphibians, insects and mammals. They constitute a magnificent living spectacle with their amazing colors. In the natural world, animals widely use colors in competition, to attract a mate, and to camouflage against predators.  Talking animal colors, there are animals that are red, animals that…

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  • Turritopsis – The Fascinating Immortal Jellyfish

    Immortal Jellyfish. Are you looking for an Elixir of life? Do you want to be immortal? It is now possible, BUT only if you become a Jellyfish! Actually, jellyfish especially Turritopsis dohrnii and Turritopsis nutricula are the only immortal organisms in the animal kingdom that can live forever. These immortal creatures belong to the Hydrozoa class. They have a particular…

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